David Munyendo
Executive Director, Christian Blind Mission
Alberta Wambua
Executive Director, Gender Violence Recovery Centre
Organisational Development and Partner Relations Adviser,HelpAge International

The purpose of the Inclusivity pillar working group is to convene and develop a data community on inclusivity that can contribute to the broader data national ecosystem while taking into account the cross-cutting impact of inclusivity on other areas.

The data community will broadly articulate the role of development data in these area in line with the principles articulated in the proposed African Data Consensus and will provide the foundation for a more detailed review of common functions, services and capabilities to be developed and maintained within the broader national data ecosystem.

  1. Coordination: Establishment of coordinated mechanisms – investment, capacity, Framework, feedback mechanism,
  2. Tools: Inclusive tools… software, indicators ….. policy; harmonization of data systems,
  3. Standardization: of definitions, language, data quality…data base/hurb, segregated indicators, data protection/coding, sentinel data on surveillance
  4. Financial investment: resource allocation,
  • Identification of current high priority areas for data and evidence to underpin the monitoring of and reporting on:
    • Government of Kenya Performance on 2030 Sustainable Development Goals
  • Identification of current high priority areas for data and evidence to ensure informed decision-making underpins:
    • Inclusive Development policy formulation and implementation
    • Inclusive Service delivery planning to accommodate the needs of everyone

Making recommendations on how the capacity to collect and analyse relevant data and evidence on marginalized population can be strengthened, given resource constraints.



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