Health, Water & Sanitation


Donatien Beguy
Boniface Beti
Policy Advisor, Weltel
Joseph Wangendo
CEO, St John's Ambulance

The purpose of the working group is to develop the data community specific toHealth as a key priority area as outlined by the MTPII and FY 2015/16 budget for the Republic of Kenya.
The data community will broadly articulate the role of development data in Health in line with the principles articulated in the proposed African Data Consensus. The data community resulting from this thematic pillar will provide the foundation for a more detailed review of common functions, services and capabilities to be developed and maintained by the Health Sector.

The objectives of this group are:

  • Create a healthy data ecosystem that recognizes the role of key in health, water and sanitation and interoperability with other sectors.
  • Ensure public officers at county and National Government can use various types of health data to understand and meet the current and future needs of local communities.
  • Support County and National government establish relevant policy and legal frameworks necessary to support standards needed to improve health data quality.
  • Foster Public-Private-Partnerships for knowledge transfer and promote sustainable collaborations in health.
  • Identify areas where the development of common infrastructure is possible so as to engender data efficiencies and collaborations in health.
  • Broker partnerships for collaborations across sectors and national, regional and international organizations in this pillar.

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